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Are you looking for a specialist in Electric vehicle (EV) chargers in Brisbane?

Whether you are considering upgrading your home or business by installing a new electric car charging station or you need professional EV charger repairs to your existing system, Sune Electrical can help with all your charging needs.

Electric vehicles have become increasingly popular in recent years, and one of the biggest challenges for owners is finding convenient and cost-effective electric vehicle charging options. Our mission is to offer the best EV charger services across Brisbane and Sth East Queensland.

EV Charger Installation Service

Installing an EV charger is reasonably straightforward and typically takes less than a day. The first step is for our installer to come out and assess your property and provide the correct advice and recommendations, which includes the following:

Making sure the charging station you choose is compatible with your vehicle and the required charging speeds

Determining the appropriate type of charger based on usage and environment

Identifying the best location for your charger so it's easily accessible and convenient to use.

Testing the electrical capacity of your property and ensuring you have the necessary power supply

Comparing the cost of different charging stations so you can choose one that fits your budget

Informing you of all the necessary considerations, such as potential effects on your current electrical setup, monitoring software, and complementary accessories

Providing expertise on how to properly maintain and utilise your electric car charger for optimal performance and longevity

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On installation day, our team will prepare the site by adding any necessary electrical wiring and conduit. We then install an EV charger to suit and connect it to your electrical system. Next, our team will perform a series of tests to ensure everything works correctly and is safe for use. Once completed, you are good to go.

Safety is paramount, and your new charging station has every safety feature to protect you and your property. Our Ev charging systems have the latest charging technology, are stylishly built, compact in design and convenient with user-friendly features. Some models offer WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to effectively manage, track, and monetize your charging station through software or apps. We only supply and install trusted brands that produce well-designed, high-quality products with strong warranties, allowing us to provide superior support and service.

Once everything is completed, a Certificate of Electrical Safety is provided for your peace of mind.

Sune Electrical installs EV chargers in commercial offices, buildings, factories, shopping centres and residential homes and investment properties.

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Benefits of Having an EV Charger Installed

There are numerous benefits to having an electric vehicle charger installed in your home or business. The most common are:

Choosing the Right Setup for Your Needs

Choosing the right Ev charging solution for your needs is important. Several options are available, including Level 1, 2, and DC fast chargers.

Level 1 uses a standard household outlet and provides a slow charge. They are suitable for overnight charging or vehicles with a small battery.

Level 2, on the other hand, is fast charging and provides a full charge in 4-6 hours. This type is ideal for home and workplace use.

Level 3, DC Fast Chargers. As the name suggests, dc charging provides a quick charge and is best suited for commercial applications and public charging stations.

It's important to consider the type you need based on your driving habits, your vehicle's battery size, and where the charging unit will be located.

The most efficient way of charging your electric car with your solar panels is to plug it into your EV Charger when the sun is out. If your solar system is set up correctly with its own circuit in your switchboard, generating more solar electricity than your EV requires and your normal household electricity demands, you won't need to rely on the grid. However, if it's an overcast day, that may change things, so it's best to have your solar system checked out by us first. We are experienced solar electricians and can advise you if any electrical upgrades are needed to handle the extra demand from your EV charging station.

Charging a Car With Solar Power

EV Charger Repair Service

One of the most crucial components of an EV is its charging system, which keeps the vehicle operational. However, it can be frustrating if things don't work properly. Fortunately, Sune Electrical is experienced with repairs and can help you if your system isn't working the way it should.

Common Issues include:

  • It Takes longer than usual for your vehicle to charge fully
  • Disconnection from the port
  • Electricity bills have increased
  • Unit has stopped working completely

Some of the underlying problems in the unit occur from:

Damage from heat: Encased units are susceptible to extreme heat and fire damage

Damage from water: Exposure to water or moisture can cause a short circuit.

Poor contact: An inadequate connection between the charger and the port can lead to voltage instability and damage over time.

Broken or Damaged wiring: Accidents, circuit damage, and general wear and tear to the wiring can lead to inconvenient breakdowns

If you are experiencing any problems, get them looked at and, if necessary, fix them as soon as possible to ensure you can continue to use your EV without any interruptions or delays. For the best results, you can contact the manufacturer or an authorised service centre or Hire an electrician like us, who can come out to diagnose the problem and usually fix it on the spot.

Your EV Charging Specialists

As more and more EVs hit the road, the demand for qualified EV Charging specialists will grow. Our team is fully trained and qualified and is a leader in the field providing expert services across sth east QLD. We are experienced with all EV makes and models, including Tesla, Hyundai, Nissan, Kia, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Renault and more.

If you would like to book an EV Charger installation or servicing, or you would like advice from an expert, contact us today at 0451 788 002 or send us a message with your contact details what you need, and we will get straight back to you.

We look forward to helping you.

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